Low NOx Burners & OFA Systems

10,000 MW of Successful Installations

Power & Industrial Services’ experience manufacturing replacement burners for all OEM’s has provided us valuable insight into performance reliability in the harsh environment of a coal-fired boiler. Our industry-shaping advancements, combined with combustion improvements and utilizing CFD modeling, have enabled us to deliver low NOx Burner and OFA projects that solve design and engineering challenges and exceed guarantees.

  • Low NOx Burners and OFA
  • Low NOx Burner
  • Low NOx Burner Nozzle
  • Low NOx Burner model
  • Low NOx Burner flame
  • Low NOx CFD Velocity
  • Low NOx Burner Cross-section

P&I Low NOx Multi-Zone Burner

Power & Industrial is the only company to engineer, design, and manufacture burners and components in-house for quality control and on-time delivery.

  • Exceptional secondary air control
  • No components in the coal stream to wear out or cause coking
  • Rugged, maintenance-free operation
  • Ability to tune dampers and spin vanes year after year unlike competitors
  • Emphasis on Heat Resistant materials such as PI-2000, 253MA and 309 SS
  • Complete unit review, utilizing boiler operating data, fuel analysis, CFD modeling, and 3D Solidworks component designs

P&I Custom Over-Fired Air Designs

  • Custom windbox conversions
  • Utilizes CFD modeling to confirm best elevation for NOx and CO reductions
  • Airflow management to each OFA
  • Larger OFA ports used above and outboard of burners to efficiently reduce NOx and CO
  • Over-fired Air Designs
  • Over-fired Air Designs

Aftermarket Replacements

P&I supplies aftermarket replacement burner parts for all duct burner OEM equipment. Our reverse engineering capabilities enable us to provide any part to fit seamlessly with your existing system.

We manufacture quality replacement parts for virtually any brand, including:

  • CE/Alstom/GE Burners
  • Phoenix Combustion
  • Advanced Combustion Technology (ACT)
  • Advanced Burner Technology (ABT)

Power & Industrial Services has NO affiliation with any of the companies listed above.
P&I manufactures all of these improved burners, plus spare parts.

  • Phoenix Combustion
  • Advanced Combustion Technology (ACT)
  • Advanced Burner Technology (ABT)

Low NOx Burners

Download descriptions and details of our Low NOx Burners and CFD modeling techniques

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