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Innovative HRSG Duct Burner Solutions

Power & Industrial Services is a one-stop shop for all your duct burner needs. P&I supplies engineered upgrades to your HRSG or in-kind OEM replacement parts. Our innovative designs and improved heat resistant materials provide longer, trouble free operation and will meet your performance requirements.

  • HRSG Duct Burners
  • DB Gas Stabilizer
  • HRSG Duct Burner Baffle
  • HRSG Duct Burner Baffle
  • HRSG Duct Burner Baffle
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  • HRSG Duct Burner CFD

Engineered to Last

Extensive industry experience and CFD modeling are essential to designing reliable and durable duct burners. By utilizing stainless steel alloys, our flame stabilizers can withstand harsh environments, and the self-supporting burner and baffle system reduces long term deformation and installation time. From simple replacements to complete turnkey projects, we offer a range of duct burner solutions that withstand demanding HRSG applications.

  • Excellent burner element heat input distribution

  • Compact flame shape and length
  • Low pollutant formation
  • Downstream temperature distribution

  • Upgraded gas skid design and supply
  • Upgraded burner management systems

Aftermarket Replacements

P&I supplies aftermarket replacement burner parts for all duct burner OEM equipment. Our reverse engineering capabilities enable us to provide any part to fit seamlessly with your existing system. We manufacture quality replacement parts for virtually any brand, including Coen, Forney, Zeeco, John Zink Hamworthy Combustion, and more.

Power & Industrial Services has NO affiliation with any of the companies listed above.
P&I manufactures all of these improved burners, plus spare parts.

  • Duct Burner Viewport
  • Duct Burner Viewport

Duct Burner Viewports

We supply custom and aftermarket duct burner viewports for applications that require exceptional quality and a precise fit. To support your equipment’s optimal performance, we carry direct replacements for your existing viewports.

Contact us for in-kind or custom viewport replacements.

HRSG Duct Burners

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