Tube Alignment Castings

Maintaining Pendant Tube Alignment

Pendent tube misalignment is one of the leading causes of tube failures in boilers. Due to the location of these failures, a simple fix is never simple. The P&I patented Thru-Bolt tube alignment castings reduce the chances of tube failures due to misalignment.

Tube Alignment Castings Thru Bolt

Patented Thru-Bolt Tube Alignment Castings

  • The patented Thru-Bolt system developed by Power & Industrial engineers can be installed by a single person reducing installation costs

  • Multiple heat resistant grades of stainless steel to match your application

  • 3″ HD provide additional strength and corrosion resistance
  • Custom designed to fit your application

P&I Proprietary Alloy Material

PI-2000    |    Similar to a HH Stainless, this proprietary nickel chrome alloy gives superior heat resistance and creep strength up to 2000°F gas temperatures. The elevated carbon results in good erosion resistance.

PI-2200   |   Similar to HK Stainless, this proprietary alloy is similar to the PI-2000 but rated for temperatures up to 2200°F.

PI-2400    |   A proprietary nickel chrome alloys with 14-16% cobalt alloy for use in temperatures up to 2400°F.

PI-2450   |   A proprietary nickel chrome alloy with 4.5-6% tungsten alloy for use in temperatures over 2450°F. The added tungsten provides excellent abrasion resistance.

Inconel 600 Alloy  |  This nonproprietary nickel-chromium alloy is designed for locations subject to high oxidization and greater than 2200°F temperatures.

  • TAC U-clamps
  • TAC horizontal and vertical
  • TAC spacer lug
  • TAC buck stay
  • TAC installed

Additional Tube Alignment Methods

  • U-clamp and bar assemblies
  • Vertical and horizontal casting
  • Alignment bar and clips
  • Spacer lugs
  • Tube support lugs
  • End caps
  • Buck stay lugs
  • Slip spacers
  • D-links

Pendant Tube Alignment

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