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Power & Industrial Services offers custom-engineered doors along with our range of industry-standard doors. We specialize in solving common problems and have an agile team of engineers that will create the exact door to your specs. If you need access to the boiler, SCR, baghouse, economizer, scrubbers, precipitator, or somewhere else, we have a door for you.

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P&I Boiler Access Door

Our engineered access doors are designed to fit your existing opening or new custom opening with P&I bent tube panel. Custom sizes and designs are available.

  • Doors available with or without wallbox and bent tube panel
  • Bent tube panels can be made from smooth or weld overlay tubing and come completely assembled
  • All doors come with P&I’s unique replaceable refractory cap shop installed (no field pouring of door refractory needed!)
  • All doors rated for 2800°F continuous operation/3000°F max excursion temperatures
  • Heavy duty cast door resists warping to maintain gas seal for life of the door

  • Yoke and door swing opposite of each other to allow for maximum open area
  • Some wallboxes may be shop filled with refractory to eliminate any field refractory work
  • P&I’s unique combustion of refractory cap, air gap, and rigid insulation provide industry best cold face temperatures

Duct Access Doors

Typical applications include SCR, baghouse, economizer, scrubbers, precipitator, windbox, penthouse material and design options for your specific application.

  • Gasket options to match application

  • Insulation pan thickness varies to fit application

  • Locking bar and handwheel locking mechanism for ease of access and operation
  • Custom sizes are available

  • Duct Access Doors
  • Duct Access Doors
  • Duct Access Doors
  • Observation Ports
  • Observation Ports

Observation and Inspection Ports

P&I has a wide range of observation ports and inspection ports to fit without the need for modification of your existing component.

  • Ports are available with or without aspirating air
  • Ports are available for varying temperature or pressure ratings
Aftermarket Replacement Access Doors

Aftermarket Replacements

We supply in-kind replacements for standard OEM doors. Door replacements are designed to fit the existing frame and opening. Additional replacement doors are available upon request.

Custom Door Examples

Access Door Custom Boiler

Boiler Door

  • 24″ x 48″
  • 8″ round observation port
Custom Boiler Door

Boiler Door

  • 24″ x 24″
  • 4″ x 10″ observation door
Custom Ash Door

Ash Door

  • Wet or dry bottom ash
  • Toolless entry

Access Door Options

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