Tube Panels

Custom Welding and Tube Panel Solutions

Power & Industrial Services has over 40 years of pressure part experience. Whether it be straight tube panels or custom bent tube panels, we offer personalized service to meet your unique application requirements and have the expertise to complete your job on time. All fabrication occurs at our shop in Donora, PA, allowing us complete quality control over all manufacturing. We are an ASME S stamp, R stamp, U stamp shop.

  • Tube Panels
  • Tube Panel
  • Tube Panel Inconel
  • Tube Panel Inconel
  • Tube Panel BTP
  • Tube Panel
  • Tube Panel Sootblower

Fabrication Capabilities

  • Bending up to 4″ OD tube and pipes

  • Hydraulic boss assisted bending process
  • Mandrels used if needed or by request

  • Ovality < 8%

  • Wall thinning < 8%

  • Automated tube OD and ID beveling

  • Automated membrane welding
  • Testing services include UT, borescope and hydrostatic
  • Tube stud installations
  • Straight tubes, riffled tubes, overlay tubes, heavy wall tubes, process piping


  • Waterwall panels
  • Boiler doors
  • Sootblower ports
  • SNCR penetrations
  • OFA penetrations
  • Burner throat
  • Loose tubes
  • Hydrojet wall
  • Pendant tube replacements

Tube Panel Information

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