Engineering Services

Engineering and Design Solutions for the Power Industry

Power & Industrial Services has provided engineered solutions to the power industry for decades, but our experience and capabilities extend beyond aftermarket OEM replacement parts. Every product we manufacture is an engineered solution designed to meet your unique needs and perform at an optimal level in demanding environments. Whether it’s a new project or a retrofit, our engineers are problem solvers with the specialized expertise and technological knowledge to develop solutions that align with your objectives.

engineering 3d software
engineering silos
engineering Artec 3d

Engineering Capabilities

  • Engineered upgrades

  • Silo and tank bulk storage

  • Pump, piping, filter, and dilution skids

  • Coal to gas conversions

  • Combustion optimization

  • 3D modeling (Solidworks)

  • 3D laser parts measuring
  • On-site and in-house reverse engineering

  • On-site installation support
  • Start-up and tuning services

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