SNCR (Selective Non Catalytic Reduction)

SNCR System Design

SNCR Introduction

P&I, working with SNCR experts FERCo and REI has developed a new injector that allows for greater NOx reduction and increased operating flexibility. 

Services & Equipment Provided

  • SNCR Process Design
  • P&ID’s, PFD’s
  • Skid Design & Fabrication (in-house)
  • Urea Solutionizing System
  • Control Logic Diagrams
  • System Design
  • Onsite Construction Support

SNCR Process Design

CFD Modeling

Reaction Engineering International (REI), performed an array of case studies to determine the optimal drop size, concentration and location for the injectors.

The modeling evaluated different loads and required HVT data at all of the proposed loads to be study.

Collected data was used to establish a baseline, after multiple case studies a injector outlet parameter requirement was specified for optimal NOx reduction.

The key parameters included droplet size, concentration and axial velocity

Process Design – Fabrication