Over Fire Air

Creative OFA Designs

Common Windbox Conversion

•Compartmentalized windbox and OFA added

•Secondary air header added

•Finger duct OFA’s

•Dampers and Air Flow flow measurement and OFA balancing

Compartmentalized OFA
Finger Duct OFA

Creative OFA Designs

Larger OFA ports are used above and outboard of the burners to more efficiently reduce NOX and CO that tend to flow up the corners of a boiler

Burner Throat Reductions

•To maximize NOX reduction when Over Fire Air is used, burner throat modifications are supplied for optimum performance

•Silicon carbide interlocking segments and 309 stainless steel retaining ring

Installation Support using Webinar Drawings Review with Installation Contractor to ensure ease of Installation

  • Start-up Services
  • Combustion Optimization
  • Performance Testing Support