Corner Fired Burners & Components

Ropebreaker Coal Nozzle

Lower NOx-CO-Reduced Slagging

Ropebreaker kickers are designed & EFD tested to provide optimal rope destruction with no increase in pressure drop.
Nozzles with kickers. No visible wear after 18 months of service.
Nozzles without kickers. No visible wear after 18 months of service.

Stationary Coal Nozzle

P&I full-line of engineered replacement and upgraded stationary coal nozzles are available with the following features:

  • Providing double the wear life of cast iron, all nozzles can be cast from P&I proprietary Cryosteel
  • Bolted or integral stainless steel tip
  • All nozzles available with ropebreaker fuel distribution kickers
  • Complete shop assembly of nozzle, linkage and tip

Advantages of the Ropebreaker Coal Nozzle

  • No increase in pressure drop from kickers
  • Significant improvement in fuel distribution existing the tip resulting in a flame which allows for better combustion control, reduced slagging and lowerNOx

Ropebreaker Nozzle with Tuff Tip

Ropebreaker Nozzle

  • Forces coal out of the corners where typical failure occurs
  • Provides combustion improvement through outlet distribution normalization

Tuff Tip ®

  • Cast PI-2200 inner bucket with cryogenicstress relieving and NANOSteel coating
  • Superior wear life & unprecedented thermal stability

Ropebreaker Nozzle Assemblies

Cast Heat Resistant Stainless Steel for Longer Wearlife

Tuff Tip Installation