P&I Boiler Access Doors

Features & Benefits

•Doors available with or without wallbox and bent tube panel

•Bent tube panels can be made from smooth or weld overlay tubing and come completely assembled

•All doors come with P&I’s unique replaceable refractory cap shop installed (no field pouring of door refractory needed!)

•All doors rated for 2800°F continuous operation/3000°F max excursion temperatures

•Heavy duty cast door resists warping to maintain gas seal for the life of the door

•Yoke and door swing opposite of each other to allow for maximum open area

•Some wallboxes may be shop filled with refractory to eliminate any field refractory work

•P&I’s unique combustion of refractory cap, air gap, and rigid insulation provide industry best cold face temperatures

Custom Sizes Available Upon Request

•Optional Nanosteel coating applied to hot side surfaces to resist corrosion & water

•Bent & straight tubes shop welded into wallbox

•Plain or weld overlay tubing

•Replaceable refractory cap

•Bolt on design for easy replacement

•Rated for up to 3,000°

•Heavy duty hand wheel & yoke provide easy access & gas tight closure

Shop installed wallbox refractory form – must remove after pouring!

•Heavy duty cast iron door with integral seal pocket

•Braided ceramic fiber gasket

•Shop installed Peg Fin or solid membrane in the crotch areas Membrane shop installed & split