Access Doors

•Boiler Access Doors

•Ductwork and Windbox Access Doors

•SCR/Precipitator/Baghouse Access Doors

•Combined Cycle HRSG Access Doors

• Silo Access Doors

P&I Boiler Access Doors

Features & Benefits

  • Doors available with or without wallbox and bent tube panel
  • Bent tube panels can be made from smooth or weld overlay tubing and come completely assembled
  • All doors come with P&I’s unique replaceable refractory cap shop installed (no field pouring of door refractory needed!)
  • All doors rated for 2800°F continuous operation/3000°F max excursion temperatures
  • Heavy duty cast door resists warping to maintain gas seal for the life of the door
  • Yoke and door swing opposite of each other to allow for maximum open area
  • Some wallboxes may be shop filled with refractory to eliminate any field refractory work
  • P&I’s unique combustion of refractory cap, air gap, and rigid insulation provide industry best cold face temperatures

P&I Boiler Access Doors

  • Optional Nanosteel coating applied to hot side surfaces to resist corrosion & water
  • Bent & straight tubes shop welded into wallbox
  • Plain or weld overlay tubing
  • Replaceable refractory cap
  • Bolt on design for easy replacement
  • Rated for up to 3,000°
  • Heavy duty hand wheel & yoke provide easy access & gas tight closure
  • Shop installed wallbox refractory form – must remove after pouring!
  • Heavy duty cast iron door with integral seal pocket
  • Braided ceramic fiber gasket
  • Shop installed Peg Fin or solid membrane in the crotch areas Membrane shop installed & split

Duct/SCR/Penthouse Access Doors

  • Heavy-duty Cor-Ten Door & Frame Construction
  • 1” Thick Rigid Insulation
  • 1 ½“ Thick Rigid Insulation
  • Braided Ceramic Fiber or Viton Gaskets
  • Protective Lightweight Aluminum Outer Helps Reduce Acid Condensation on the Inner Door
  • Adjustable Outer Frame to Allow for Varying Insulation Thickness

SCR/Precipitator/Baghouse Access Doors

Catalyst Loading Door

  • Speed Flip Latches For Easy Opening
  • Davit Arm Swings the Door 180° Above
  • the Grating with No Lifting Required
  • Removable Threshold Assembly

  • Removable Threshold Assembly Unbolts
  • Bridge Plate Set In Place For Catalyst Loading and Unloading
Bag House Door – Stainless Steel

Application Examples

Wet Bottom Ash Access Door

Boiler Access Door-High Temp Inspection Port

Inspection Door

Oval Boiler, Penthouse & Roof Applications

Observation Ports

Boiler Inspection Doors