Engineered Products

P&I has provided engineered solutions to the power industry for over 42 years.  We have extensive experience designing and manufacturing upgraded burner parts and complete assemblies for all major OEM burners and ancillary equipment.  This has given P&I unique perspective to thoroughly evaluate many different types of designs and in-turn determine what will perform reliably in the harsh environment of a power boiler.  Based on our understanding of the project and critical issues with the operation of the units, Power & Industrial offers the following:

  • Long Term Service – P&I’s burner parts incorporate materials and features proven to be reliable and effective.  Our designs are a significant advantage.  Components exposed to coal erosion or radiant heat are protected. 
  • Quality – Power & Industrial Services is the only burner OEM that Engineers, Designs and Manufactures all of the burner components and assemblies in-house.  We have the highest quality and most rugged components in the power industry.  We also provide the best customer service in our industry.  We hope your review of our proposal clearly reflects our desire to be thoroughly involved in the long term success this project.
  • Experience – Power & Industrial Services has been involved in many Low NOx Burner and Overfire Air projects.  We have the experience and knowledge required to get the equipment designed and delivered in the time frame available.

Power & Industrial has NO affiliation with any of companies listed above. P&I manufactures all these improved burners, plus spare parts